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  • A brief description of the lithium battery automatic stackin
    관리자 2020-10-08 조회수:626 추천:6
    A brief description of the lithium battery automatic stacking machine :
      1. This equipment is mainly used for the Z-shaped lamination assembly of the cathode and anode of the lithium battery cell and the isolation membrane;
      2. Adapt to product specifications: L×W×H: within (40&...
  • 관리자 2020-10-08 조회수:529 추천:3
    1. When charging, the power indicator is on and the charging indicator is orange. First, please check whether the output plug of the battery charging motor and the charging plug of the battery box are inserted tightly. If it is confirmed that there is no problem (Emerson), you can check whether the ...
  • 관리자 2020-10-08 조회수:500 추천:8
    Storage battery testing device is an integrated battery properties testing device parameters, to test the size of the battery charge-discharge characteristics and battery capacity, directed to different storage battery apparatus, using different types of devices to detect the experiment, this can in...